Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why a Vapor Steam Cleaner Should Have High Temperatures?

If you are planning to use a low-end steam cleaner to clean the restaurants, hotels, gyms, retail stores, and similar settings, then you are investing in the wrong type of equipment. The vapor steam cleaner used for domestic purposes is not suitable for use as a commercial cleaning machine. The main reason being that domestic-use machines do not have the high temperature levels required for commercial applications.

Hot steam is the main reason why steam cleaning machines are so effective in removing different types of dirt. Heat is a natural degreaser, as it liquefies grease and makes it easier to remove. In addition to removing grease, hot steam is also very effective in removing sugars and food matter often found in ovens, stoves, and kitchen surfaces. Another important use of a vapor steam cleaner is the removal of bedbugs. In hotels where bedbugs can be a severe nuisance, using a vapor steam cleaner on a regular basis to clean mattresses will eliminate the problem. The high temperatures of a steam cleaner machine also eliminate fungi, keeping the surfaces mold and odor free.

Considering the importance of high temperature, it is necessary that you invest in a commercial vapor steam cleaner. This type of machine features high temperatures of up to 364°F. They also have pressure levels as high as 125 psi. Some of these machines are equipped with additional features, such as mechanisms to eliminate bacteria and allergens. A vapor steam cleaner should, therefore, be capable of attaining high temperatures, if it is to remove fungus and eliminate dirt quickly. One of the advantages of using hot steam is that often you may not require any detergent to clean surfaces, such as metal, stone, tile, and so on. Heated steam is adequate enough to remove grease and other types of congealed dirt from these surfaces.