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Friday, June 18, 2010

How to Use Steam Cleaners for Interior Cleaning of Vehicles

Steam Cleaners
Many professional cleaning companies use steam cleaners for cleaning the interiors of cars, trucks, RVs, and boats. Carpet cleaners can be used for interior detailing, though the two types of machines are designed for different applications. Both of which are highly beneficial to auto detailers, carpet cleaners for complete cleaning of carpets and upholstery and steam cleaning machines for hard surface cleaning and spot stain removal.

The following are some tips on choosing steam cleaning machines for the interior hard surfaces of vehicles in addition to spot cleaning mats and seat upholstery.

High Temperature
Steam cleaners can provide very high temperature levels. The latest models reach up to 386°F. The high temperature is both useful and dangerous. The super heated steam output contains only 5% water content. That means floor mats and seat upholstery can dry quickly when stains are removed with steam cleaning machines.

At the same time, keep in mind that while carpet cleaners feature temperature levels of 210°F, steam cleaning machines offer temperatures as high as 386°F. If not used with caution, such high temperatures can damage the surface being cleaned. It is also important to note that steam cleaning systems are not designed to clean entire carpets or upholstered surfaces. Due to their low pressure levels and super-high temperatures, they are only efficient for spot stain removal from carpets and upholstery.

Attached Vacuum
It is better to select steam cleaners with attached vacuums. Otherwise, you will have to manually remove dirt residue formed after the cleaning process is finished. Vacuums equipped with HEPA filters can extract even the tiniest of dust particles, instead of reintroducing these allergens into the air. Machines with sophisticated vacuum cleaners provide more value for the money.

Choose the Best Machines

Daimer®, a trusted distributor of cleaning products, offers a variety of steam cleaners for various purposes, including cleaning the interiors of vehicles. For more details about these machines, visit www.daimer.com.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Steam Cleaners – A Guide to HEPA Filtration Systems

Steam Cleaners
Many of Daimer®’s steam cleaners are equipped with true HEPA filters. Some suppliers like to label the ordinary filters in their machines “HEPA,” but you should be aware of the difference between a genuine HEPA and other filters. A real HEPA filter, the kind fitted in Daimer®’s steam cleaners, can trap particles as small as 0.3 microns. These particles, whether pollen, spores, bacteria, or other allergens, are the most dangerous. They find their way easily into the lungs, causing respiratory problems and diseases.

Steam cleaners equipped with HEPA filters remove almost all types of allergens with extreme effectiveness to alleviate allergies. This includes animal hair, dust mites, lint, and dust. Using these steam cleaners is one of the best ways for maintaining indoor hygiene. In addition to removing allergens, steam cleaners equipped with anti-bacterial technologies, such as the ATIS® technology from Daimer®, eliminate more than 99 percent of bacteria and germs.

Ordinary vacuum cleaners are not as effective as Daimer®’s HEPA filter equipped steam cleaners with wet and dry vacuum options. In non-HEPA equipped vacuum cleaners, the tiny spores and bacteria tend to escape from the inbuilt trash bag during vacuuming, and are reintroduced into the environment. HEPA filters do not allow spores, dust mites, hair, and other allergens to escape from the holding bag. Therefore, whatever is vacuumed stays inside. Visit www.daimer.com to learn more about steam cleaners fitted with HEPA filters, and their many applications in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, spas, and even homes.