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Monday, August 23, 2010

How to Choose Steam Cleaners for Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning
Steam cleaners are ideal for a variety of hard surface cleaning tasks. These machines can provide a very high temperature, often up to 386°F. The high temperature output can clean or dissolve most stains, dirt, or other impurities. Tiled and concrete surfaces can withstand high temperatures, making these machines the best for tile and grout cleaning.

How to Select a Machine

Most steam cleaners are capable of cleaning tile and grout. However, there are many machines built to handle the task better than others. Look for the following when purchasing a steam cleaning machine.

Ease of Use

Easy usage is essential when selecting a cleaning machine. The technological advances have made these machines easier to use than their predecessors. Ensure that you select a machine with automatic or continuous refilling technology, which allows the operator to refill the tank without stopping the cleaning process.

Faster Cleaning

It is better to select steam cleaners with low water consumption. If the water content in the steam output is high, the surfaces will take more time to dry. Machines that provide super heated steam with water content as low as 5 percent are available. This enables operators to clean effectively without worrying about the drying time of surfaces.

An attached vacuum also enhances convenience by reducing the time required for cleaning. Instead of wiping up dissolved residues after cleaning, they are extracted and removed completely while cleaning.

Daimer®, a leading supplier of cleaning products, offers high-quality steam cleaners suitable for grout cleaning. For further details about these machines, visit www.daimer.com.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Steam Cleaning Ovens and Baker’s Equipment

Ovens Steam Cleaner
Steam cleaners are convenient and effective machines for cleaning baker’s tools. These machines can be used for the maintenance of ovens, baker’s trays, cutters, racks, and other tools of the trade. To fully understand the many advantages of using steam cleaners, you need to understand the many features these machines have over manual cleaning.

Before steam cleaners became popular, restaurants, commercial kitchens, and bakeries often relied on manual cleaning. Large stoves, ovens, and baker’s utensils were cleaned with detergents and a scrubber. This process often left scratches on the surface, and the strong detergents left toxic residues in the oven.

You could spend hours cleaning trays, racks, and ovens, but there would always be bits of food, grease, and proteins left sticking to the sides even after you were through. When the oven was used again, the food residues charred and created a bad odor inside the oven. Improperly cleaned ovens with food remnants inside also formed ideal breeding grounds for germs and molds.

Steam cleaners have made the task of cleaning ovens much simpler and faster. Steam penetrates every corner of the oven or grill, melting grime, dissolving proteins and sugar, and eliminating germs and bacteria, when paired with Daimer®'s exclusive ATIS® technology.

Detergents are not required for cleaning when using hot steam. However, for heavy duty cleaning jobs that require additional power, Daimer® supplies Eco-Green® cleaning chemicals that are safe for the equipment and user, and will not contaminate surfaces. Because these machines use dry vapor steam, they reduce the amount of water needed to clean, allowing for less water consumption and easier clean up. These factors make steam cleaning equipment one of the most environment-friendly cleaning tools.

New features, such as Daimer®’s ATIS® technology and HEPA filter inserts, help workers clean more effectively while maintaining a germ-free environment. Daimer®’s ATIS® technology is proven to eliminate more than 99 percent of disease causing germs and bacteria. HEPA filters help trap allergens and dirt in the air.

Daimer® retails a range of steam cleaners for commercial use. Visit www.daimer.com to find out more about their latest products.