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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Unsurpassed Hardware Specifications for Steam Cleaners

Dry Steam Cleaner
Steam cleaners are very useful and operative machines for cleaning hard surfaces. You can use them to clean surfaces made of concrete, tile, hardwood, and so forth. You should be very selective, predominantly about performance and hardware specifications, while purchasing a steam cleaning machine.

Performance specifications include the output temperature and the technologies that enhance the cleaning power of the machine. Hardware specifications mostly deal with the kind of the components the machine offers. This post deals exclusively with the hardware specifications of steam cleaners.

Quality Material
The cabinet of the machine should be made of high quality stainless steel. A steam cleaning machine from Daimer®’s KleenJet® series, including the KleenJet® 10256-443 CVP, offers a high output temperature, up to 386°F. The cabinet of the machine is stainless steel and can withstand not only the rigors of cleaning but also the exposure to high temperatures.

Boiler Tank
Boiler tank is one of the most important parts of steam cleaners. In some steam cleaning machines, if the heating element is damaged, the entire boiler tank needs to be replaced. This is not advantageous. It is always better to opt for the steam cleaners from Daimer® having boilers with replaceable heating elements. In addition, the best machines have stainless steel boilers too.

Detail Brushes
Detail brushes from Daimer® are relatively inexpensive, as operators can often go through many brushes if the machine is used often. Small detail brushes are cost-effective. Moreover, these brushes can be used to clean even narrower paths.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Tips to Buy Steam Cleaners for Lasting Results

Steam cleaners are one of the best machines for cleaning concrete and tiled surfaces. These machines work by ejecting high temperature output on to hard surfaces. The output temperature from Daimer®’s KleenJet® machines ranges up to 386°F, depending upon the model. The output melts and dissolves dirt and impurities.

A steam cleaning machine is usually known by its output temperature. It is the most vital feature of steam cleaners. However, it is important to check other features, such as the quality of hardware components, as well. Otherwise, the machine may deliver high performance although it will not last long, as it will require constant maintenance. Here are a few tips to choose machines from Daimer® featuring great cleaning efficiency and durability.

Quality of Material
The housing and cabinet of steam cleaning machines in Daimer®’s KleenJet® series can withstand exposure to high temperature output. Top grade stainless steel is the best material for making the cabinet of steam cleaners.

Buyers must ensure that the boiler and container tanks of the machine are sufficiently large and made of good quality material. Reputable distributors such as Daimer® will not compromise on the quality of components and run the risk of tarnishing their reputation.

Small Detail Brushes
Detail brushes will not last long, especially if used on a daily basis. Even expensive brushes are likely to wear out after constant use. It is better to opt for steam cleaners that come with small and inexpensive detail brushes. One will have to replace the brushes periodically.