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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Portable Auto Steam Cleaner: All-Purpose Equipment for Car Interior Cleaning

Few machines are as suited to car interior cleaning as steam cleaning machines. Portable auto steam cleaner machines are reliable, heat tolerant, and resistant to corrosive effect of dirt and chemicals. These machines are used for cleaning car interiors. Specific uses include cleaning windows and hard surfaces inside the cars. These machines have many other applications, when it comes to car interior cleaning.

Cleaning car upholstery with minimal use of detergents and water

Vinyl and leather upholstery is cleaned using a steam cleaning machine. A steam cleaner offers the right mix of high temperature and low moisture content in the steam. This ensures that minimal water is used for cleaning car seats. It also eliminates the likelihood of mold on leather seats. The machines remove grime, grease, and odors from car interiors.

Steam cleaners require little or no detergents for car interior cleaning. This makes the cleaning process ecofriendly. It also ensures that no detergent residues are left behind on car seats.

Eliminate pollen, cigarette ash, and other allergens

Some types of microscopic particles cause respiratory illnesses, while others lead to rashes and similar allergies. Maintaining clean car interiors is important in preventing allergies. High-quality steam cleaning machines are often fitted with allergen removal mechanisms, which are helpful in allergy control. These mechanisms work on the principle of vacuum extraction of allergens, with the assistance of a HEPA filter.

HEPA filters, unlike ordinary vacuum cleaning bags, help contain even the smallest particles. These articles include pollen, dust, mineral particles, cigarette ash, and so on, which are among the most widespread allergens. Since these particles are often very tiny, using HEPA filters that can contain them is a great way to ensure swift, effective removal of allergens.

Keep door jambs clean

Door jambs are among the most frequently handled surfaces inside cars, besides steering and armrests. These parts are teeming with bacteria and grime. Using a steam cleaner that eliminates the germs as well as dirt is the solution. Some dealers offer anti bacterial steam cleaning machines for complete sanitization. Even a suitably designed machine with temperatures up to 356°F, but no specific anti bacterial mechanism, provides the perfect way to keep these surfaces clean.

Getting the right steam cleaning machine is the first step towards ensuring greater cleanliness inside cars. You may wish to speak to the product specialist at the store before purchasing a machine, if you are not convinced that you need a particular type of portable auto steam cleaner.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to Clean Linoleum Floors Safely and Easily?

Linoleum floor cleaning can be particularly challenging. While linoleum is famous for its flexible properties as well as its environment friendly nature, due to its non-allergy causing features, it does present difficulties in the way of cleaning. Linoleum floors are damaged by the use of harsh chemicals. Any excess water on the floor needs to be mopped up quickly before it is absorbed by the floor and damages the finish.

Traditionally, mopping the floor has been seen as the best method for linoleum floor cleaning. This method is too time-consuming. Homeowners and contractors looking for easier ways to maintain the shiny look for these floors have found the solution in vapor steam cleaners.

No detergent use

One of the advantages of using a vapor steam cleaner is that you rarely need detergents for cleaning. The hot steam is sufficient for removal of grease, soap scum, and other dirt from the floor. Steam temperatures are as high as 356°F, which explains why these machines are perfect for commercial cleaning applications.

Minimal water use

Since excess water left behind after cleaning is potentially harmful to the finish, the steam cleaner is the right equipment for cleaning linoleum floors. These machines use dry vapor with just 5 percent moisture. This eliminates the chance of excess water seeping into the floor grooves. Most machines are sold in combination with microfiber towels, which can be used for mopping up any residual moisture.

Low cleaning time

Unlike hand mopping, steam cleaning is a faster way to clean floors. While commercial areas demand the use of these efficient machines for cleaning linoleum floors, home users are also likely to benefit from the use of these machines. Besides eliminating the tedium of maintaining these floors, steam cleaners offer other benefits, such as elimination of mold and removal of odors.

Read Steam cleaners fitted with floor cleaning squeegees and other attachments reduce the time and effort required to clean floors.