Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Daimer ® KleenJet ® PRO PLUS 200S

Both in home and commercial settings, keeping the environment clean is not only essential for overall appearance, it is essential to maintain the health and well-being of family members, employees, and customers. The most effective way to keep these home and commercial environments clean and safe is through the use of Daimer®’s steam cleaners. The KleenJet ® PRO PLUS 200S is one of Daimer®’s introductory steam cleaners. But, don’t let its title or its size fool you. The KleenJet ® PRO PLUS 200S packs quite a punch in maintaining the cleanliness of home and commercial environments.

KleenJet® PRO PLUS 200S steam cleaners are popular, ISO-Certified steam cleaners that are an excellent solution for business owners and homeowners. These steam cleaners offer higher pressure and more powerful cleaning action than other steam cleaners currently on the market. And, for added versatility the PRO PLUS 200S comes with an assortment of brushes and accessories to allow users to easily switch among different cleaning applications.

The KleenJet® PRO PLUS 200S steam cleaners feature potent pressure levels up to 75 psi with ultra-high steam temperatures up to 310ºF. These high steam temperatures afford users the capability to achieve the highest level of clean. With a boiler size of 4 liters, PRO PLUS 200S steam cleaners are smaller than other Daimer ® models, but this adds to its extremely portable nature. And, comprised of high-quality stainless steel, Daimer® ensures that these steam cleaners will provide users with a durable and long-lasting steam cleaning solution.