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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Steam Cleaners To Make Your Motorcycle Shine!

Steam cleaners are known for their myriad of cleaning abilities. Many people associate them with cleaning carpets or floors. However, the ability of steam cleaners extends beyond simply cleaning floors; these machines can actually be used for cleaning motorcycles too. It’s no secret that big companies have used steam cleaners for many years to clean different kinds of vehicles. Motorcycles in particular pick up a lot of dirt and other deposits that conventional cleaning methods cannot clean. This is where; steam cleaners can prove to be very useful.

Steam cleaners from Daimer® come with a range of extra features that set them apart from other cleaners. For instance, these machines can come equipped with a technology known as Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization®, which kills a large number of pathogens and bacteria. Apart from that, these cleaners operate using the highest temperature and pressure levels in the entire industry. This means that, you get the best cleaning action to clear up grime and dirt deposits, grease and other petroleum-based deposits. Stubborn stains can be easily dissolved and completely removed. These steam cleaners also have a lifetime warranty for their boilers.

In order to ensure that these machines don’t succumb to wear and tear, they also come equipped with self-cleaning boiler technology to deal with harmful scale build-up in the machine’s boiler. Steam cleaning your motorcycle won’t just get rid of the dirt; it can also tackle harmful deposits to ensure your bike runs smoothly. You can know more about these cleaners and other cleaning machines by visiting www.daimer.com.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sinks Come Clean With Steam Cleaners!

steam cleaners
When cleaning sinks, most people don’t think of using steam cleaners. In fact, a lot of people don’t really take the job of cleaning sinks that seriously. After all, these areas tend to come into constant contact with soap and water on a regular basis. Apart from that, a shiny stainless steel or porcelain sink can easily give you the impression that it is spotlessly clean. The truth is that sinks harbor a lot of dirt and bacteria build up, which you cannot see. Instead of using detergents and chemicals to clean this kind of dirt, steam cleaners offer a more effective and eco-friendly cleaning alternative.

Daimer® steam cleaners offer a range of exclusive steam technologies that can really root out even the most stubborn kinds of dirt build-up. For example, the Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization ® technology is an anti-bacterial system that can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs that may reside in your sink. Steam cleaners break up dirt and bacteria right at their foundation, making it easier to clear up dirt build-up more completely and effectively. These cleaners also operate using Super Steaming technology, which offers the highest temperature and pressure levels on the market.

For added convenience, these steam cleaners also come equipped with continuous refill technology, which means you can clean without interruptions. Self-cleaning boiler technology ensures that there is no harmful scale build up in the machine’s boiler. Learn more about these cleaners and other kinds of cleaning machinery by checking out www.daimer.com.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cleaning Ceramic Tile with Daimer®’s KleenJet ® Steam Cleaners

Daimer®’s steam cleaners are a revolution in cleaning ceramic tile. They specialize in cleaning stains of oil and grease, dissolving resins, sterilizing and degassing. The commendable results of these steam cleaners place them at the top of the industry. These marvelous devices not only showcase
excellent results but are also a true time saver. They give you much desired freedom from the back-breaking regime of cleaning ceramic tiles and ensuring a smooth and clean finish.

These ceramic tiles steam cleaner meet the highest durability and reliability standards. They are equipped to work with the highest levels of temperatures and pressures. These devices incorporate unique patented products like replaceable and removable heating element rods and come with an exclusive lifetime boiler warranty.

These steam cleaners heat easily and operate quietly. The patented boilers of the machines can withstand the highest pressure and temperature levels. This product offers unmatched quality, performance, durability and unique technological factors. The continuous refill technology of the cleaners enables water to flow from a non-pressurized chamber to a boiler, when needed. Variable pressure settings of the steam cleaners allow the user to adjust pressure levels as needed. No other steam cleaner is as effective and versatile as those made by Daimer®. The steam cleaners are environment friendly, effective and worth every buck spent on them.

For more information on ceramic tiles steam cleaners, visit www.daimer.com/cleaning-ceramic-tile/.