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Thursday, January 7, 2010

It Is Time to Steam Clean Your Window Screens

Steam cleaners help you achieve outstanding cleaning results in commercial and industrial environments. While pressure cleaning machines use the force of highly pressurized water to attain exceptional cleaning results, steam cleaning machines instantly dissolve the toughest dirt and stains by ejecting dry steam at very high temperatures.

The KleenJet® series of high-quality steam cleaning equipment from Daimer® features advanced cleaning technologies that will enable you to tackle many of the most challenging applications efficiently.

Restaurant and business owners find steam cleaners extremely useful for cleaning floors, countertops, bathrooms, tables and seating areas, and other surfaces. These systems can be used to spot clean carpets and upholstery, as well. In fact, steam cleaning is among the most reliable and effective methods to deep clean surfaces and leave them smelling fresh.

Not many people know that steam cleaning equipment from the KleenJet® line is also great for cleaning windows and window screens. Using abrasive cleaning chemicals for cleaning window screens can damage the window nets. By eliminating the use of these toxic chemicals, steam cleaners offer you the most eco-friendly method to clean your window screens. If you desire more powerful results, consider pairing a KleenJet® system with Eco-Green® green chemicals, like Eco-Green® Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner.

Another notable feature of the KleenJet® range of steam cleaners is its rugged construction that enables the machine to offer consistent cleaning performance for years. The super-hot steam ejected by these steam cleaning machines helps to instantly soften the built-up grime and dirt along the joints, railings, frame, and corners of the window and screens. And, with the included squeegee, these machines can leave window surfaces clean and streak free.

Steam cleaners are ideal for an astonishing range of cleaning applications. Discover more about these applications at www.daimer.com.