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Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to Buy Steam Cleaners for Auto Detailing

detailing steam cleaner
Steam cleaners are mainly used for cleaning hard surfaces, such as concrete floors and walls, metal surfaces, and hard wood platforms. The high output temperature of the machine is its major attraction for hard surface cleaning. Many models from Daimer® can reach temperature levels up to 386°F. Despite the high level of temperature, these machines are also aid in spot cleaning mats and carpets in vehicles.

The operator should not expose the soft surfaces of the automobiles to the output of the machine for too long a time. Excessive exposure to the high temperature output of steam cleaners could lead to the damage of the soft surfaces. The safest thing is to use a high quality cleaning machine. The following are some tips to buy the most suitable steam cleaning equipment for auto detailing.

Attached Vacuum
Many steam cleaners in Daimer®’s KleenJet® series used for auto detailing are equipped with an attached vacuum. Such machines not only melt and dissolve the dirt and impurities present on vehicle surfaces, but can extract the molten dirt residues too. This improves the efficiency and speed of the cleaning process.

HEPA Filters
It is better to use steam cleaner machines equipped with HEPA filters. Such filters can extract very minuscule particles. The best HEPA filters can extract a particle with a size as low as 0.3 microns. This filter is of great help when cleaning the interior of the vehicles.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Can Steam Cleaners Handle Industrial Cleaning?

Steam cleaners have many uses in commercial places and have proven to be effective in cleaning food preparation areas, bathrooms, and even for spot cleaning upholstery and carpets. These units use super-heated water to soften and dissolve away even the most stubborn kinds of stains and deposits.

When compared to conventional cleaning methods, steam cleaners provide a fast and extremely effective cleaning option. It is only natural to wonder if these units can also be used for industrial cleaning tasks. The truth is that conventional steam cleaning units do not have the kind of sustained cleaning power necessary for tackling many industrial cleaning jobs. This is why Daimer® offers a line of industrial steam cleaning units especially suited for high-level cleaning tasks.

The industrial steam cleaners in Daimer®’s KleenJet® series, such as the KleenJet® 8460-360CVP, come with different features which are designed to deal with specific industrial cleaning needs. For instance, steam vacuum cleaners come with vacuum extraction capabilities. This does away with the need for towel manipulation after cleaning. Vacuum extraction ensures that all the moisture and slurry is extracted, leaving no streaks behind. For tasks like removing grime or heavy grease, steam pressure washing units are the ideal machines. These units combine the cleaning power of high pressure levels with wet steam temperatures up to 330°F to dissolve and wash away heavy grease deposits completely.

Industrial steam cleaners from Daimer®are available with an optional direct water feed, so the user can work continuously without worrying about manually restoring the water supply. Manual refill options are also available for users who prefer this option.