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Monday, April 12, 2010

Steam Cleaners in the Hospitality Industry — Spot the Difference

While steam cleaners are not ideal for the most demanding cleaning applications, like degreasing, they are efficient for a wide variety of tasks. These machines rely on the cleaning power of water heated to very high temperatures, up to 360°F. The best machines also include anti-bacterial technologies. As a result, steam cleaners with anti-bacterial capabilities are often an effective way to clean and sanitize various areas in the hospitality industry. Best of all, they do away with the need for harsh chemical cleaning products.

Steam cleaners from Daimer® are ideal for tackling a range of different cleaning jobs. For example, they are very effective in cleaning areas of the bathroom like tile, sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets, and other surfaces. Instead of having to rely on disinfectants or other harmful chemicals, the CVP and CVGP models include an anti-bacterial technology known as ATIS®, which can eliminate up to 99 percent of harmful bacteria. These steam cleaning units are also very effective in commercial kitchens, especially for cleaning food preparation and storage areas. They can also help in cleaning grills with baked-on stains or deposits. They can also disinfect various surfaces like mattresses, bedding, counter tops, and more.

These steam cleaners can also be used to spot-clean upholstery and carpets. If there has been a liquid spill or food stain on a particular area, steam cleaning units can be used on certain materials to remove stains completely. It is important to ensure the surface can withstand the high heat of the steam cleaning unit before you start cleaning. For more information, please visit Daimer®’s website at www.daimer.com.