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Monday, December 12, 2011

Steam Cleaners – For the Best Anti-Bacterial Results

Do you worry about the standards of hygiene each time you have to use a restroom? Are you anxious about a possible bed bug infestation on your hospital bed? Do you wonder if there are germs lurking on every piece of equipment in your gym? Most of us are often unsure of the true standards of sanitization in such places. Even though the floors, furniture and other surfaces in places like restrooms, gyms and hospitals may appear clean and smell good, they may still not be free of germs. This is why maintenance professionals now use steam cleaners to accomplish high levels of cleanliness and hygiene.

While conventional steam cleaning machines may sanitize surfaces with hot steam, the most advanced steam cleaners such as the KleenJet® series from Daimer® feature powerful anti-bacterial functions. The ATIS® technology in these steam cleaning systems are capable of destroying more than 99 percent germs, bacteria, allergens and pathogens on different surfaces. This exceptional disinfecting function is also a great way to avoid using chemical disinfectants that can be harmful for users and the environment as well.

With a single cleaning session, KleenJet® steam cleaner machines help clean, deodorize and disinfect different surfaces. The multiple functions help enhance productivity since maintenance professionals no longer have to spend too much time and effort to clean and disinfect every surface. Perhaps this is why KleenJet® steam cleaners are widely used to maintain hospitality settings, restrooms, gyms and hospitals that experience high traffic.

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Steam Cleaners – Best Choice for Maintaining Your Bakery Ware

Best Steam Cleaner
If you have ever tried baking something, you will probably remember the mess that you had to clean up later – baked-on stains on the baking racks, splattered food on the pots and burnt food in the pans. Cleaning up such tough deposits can be time consuming and overwhelming. However, bakeries and restaurants can bake without worrying about messy pots, trays and racks – all thanks to the KleenJet® series of advanced steam cleaners from Daimer®.

Nothing works better than steam when it comes to easily dissolving the toughest stains and dried food deposits on oven trays and baking sheet. This is why you must try using Daimer®’s KleenJet® steam cleaners that effectively utilize the cleaning power of hot, dry steam to help keep your baking ware and kitchen in pristine condition. Using steam power also means no more usage of harsh chemicals to remove tough stains.

Due to their robust construction and top-grade components, the KleenJet® series of steam cleaner machines are amazingly durable. To help soften the most stubborn stains, these steam cleaners generate steam at temperatures as high as 386°F. Since the stains are loosened by the steam, scrubbing is kept to a minimum. All you need to do is wipe off the softened dirt deposits. Many machines, such as the KleenJet® 1000CVP, have an included vacuum for eliminating wet debris.

KleenJet® steam cleaners are exceptionally versatile and durable. For this reason, these amazing machines are widely utilized by cleaning professionals around the world.