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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Using Steam Cleaners for Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Machine
Steam cleaners can be used to clean a variety of hard surfaces. The top models of steam cleaning machines from Daimer® can provide an output temperature of 386°F, which is ideal for dissolving most types of dirt and impurities present on the surface, including windows.

Steam cleaning machines are not to be used on soft surfaces that cannot withstand the high temperature levels of these machines. Exposure to high heat can damage such surfaces as plastic, paper, cardboard, and certain wood. Steam cleaners are only to be used on durable hard surfaces such as metal, glass, and others.

Keep Curtains Away

When using steam cleaners for cleaning windows and screens, make sure that you remove any curtains or other materials from the vicinity. The high temperature output of these machines can melt and damage most types of cloths. To ensure optimal safety, it is best to remove them from the area.

Use Squeegee Wand

Using steam cleaners for window cleaning is much easier when the squeegee wand is used. Daimer® offers the KleenJet® 500VP with over 36 different parts and attachments, including a squeegee tool. In addition, the 500VP also includes an attached vacuum for easy extraction of the liquid residue while cleaning.

Use Top Models

It is always better to use products from top-notch distributors like Daimer®. They offer a variety of steam cleaners in their KleenJet® series. For product descriptions and price details of these machines, visit www.daimer.com.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Steam Cleaners for Better Gym Cleanliness

Gym Cleaning Machine
Steam cleaners are often considered the natural choice for cleaning areas like commercial kitchens and restrooms. Another application they are useful for is cleaning gyms and different fitness equipment. Steam cleaning machines with anti-bacterial capabilities can help eliminate the germs and bacteria commonly found on gym equipment.

Fitness machines are used by a number of different people each day. Gym equipment that is not cleaned regularly may harbor large amounts of dangerous germs and bacteria and can also reduce the lifetime of the machine. Steam cleaners can clean gym equipment in a way that is quick and effective.

There are a number of reasons why steam cleaners from Daimer® are often used to clean gym equipment. For one thing, they do not rely on harsh chemicals in order to do the job. These units use super-heated water in order to dissolve away salt stains and other debris. There is no need to use chemicals that may leave toxic traces or corrode the equipment. Though, if additional cleaning power is desired, users can opt to pair their steam cleaner with a number of Eco-Green® solutions - non-toxic, plant-based green chemicals designed to work alongside Daimer® cleaning machines. Eco-Green® Deodorizer & Cleaner, for example, can be used along with a KleenJet® steam cleaner to remove dirt, salt stains, and other residues while destroying odors at their source.

Steam cleaners from Daimer® are available with a special technology known as ATIS®. This stands for Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization™. The use of this technology has been proven to kill more than 99 percent of harmful germs and bacteria on the surface, including those commonly found in gyms and locker rooms.

Steam cleaners can help clean showers, locker rooms, hard floors, gym equipment, and more. Cleaning with anti-bacterial technologies can help ensure the cleaning job is done quickly and efficiently. Steam cleaning units are also easier and quicker to use than many manual cleaning methods. You can learn more about the benefits of commercial steam cleaners and steam cleaning units by visiting www.daimer.com.