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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Steam Cleaners For Complete RV Detailing

Using steam cleaners for RV detailing and cleaning vehicle interiors can be a smart choice. It’s true that when dealing with exteriors, steam cleaners are not your best cleaning tool for heavy duty degreasing - pressure washers with the right pressure levels and flow rates are more effective. But when you need to do some effective spot cleaning for the interior of your RV, a steam cleaning machine can do a far more efficient job.

It’s important to remember that RV interiors are subject to stains and dirt deposits that are very different from ordinary cars. Bear in mind that RVs are essentially homes on wheels; people eat, sleep and spend a lot of time in these vehicles. This means that the interiors and upholstery can be become stained with a wide variety of deposits, ranging from food to spills to mud and dirt. RV interiors that aren’t cleaned thoroughly can also harbor a host of allergens. Doing a round of spot-cleaning with the right kind of steam cleaners can root out even the very stubborn stains and clear out allergy-causing elements.

The KleenJet® Mega 500V is one of Daimer®’s steam cleaners fitted with special HEPA filter and water filtration system. These Daimer® cleaning machines work towards trapping and removing allergens; this can be especially helpful in cleaning in cases where pets have been in the RV. These machines can also be used as wet and dry vacuum cleaners. There is more information available on these Daimer® steam cleaners and an array of other cleaning machines at www.daimer.com .