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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Portable Auto Steam Cleaner: All-Purpose Equipment for Car Interior Cleaning

Few machines are as suited to car interior cleaning as steam cleaning machines. Portable auto steam cleaner machines are reliable, heat tolerant, and resistant to corrosive effect of dirt and chemicals. These machines are used for cleaning car interiors. Specific uses include cleaning windows and hard surfaces inside the cars. These machines have many other applications, when it comes to car interior cleaning.

Cleaning car upholstery with minimal use of detergents and water

Vinyl and leather upholstery is cleaned using a steam cleaning machine. A steam cleaner offers the right mix of high temperature and low moisture content in the steam. This ensures that minimal water is used for cleaning car seats. It also eliminates the likelihood of mold on leather seats. The machines remove grime, grease, and odors from car interiors.

Steam cleaners require little or no detergents for car interior cleaning. This makes the cleaning process ecofriendly. It also ensures that no detergent residues are left behind on car seats.

Eliminate pollen, cigarette ash, and other allergens

Some types of microscopic particles cause respiratory illnesses, while others lead to rashes and similar allergies. Maintaining clean car interiors is important in preventing allergies. High-quality steam cleaning machines are often fitted with allergen removal mechanisms, which are helpful in allergy control. These mechanisms work on the principle of vacuum extraction of allergens, with the assistance of a HEPA filter.

HEPA filters, unlike ordinary vacuum cleaning bags, help contain even the smallest particles. These articles include pollen, dust, mineral particles, cigarette ash, and so on, which are among the most widespread allergens. Since these particles are often very tiny, using HEPA filters that can contain them is a great way to ensure swift, effective removal of allergens.

Keep door jambs clean

Door jambs are among the most frequently handled surfaces inside cars, besides steering and armrests. These parts are teeming with bacteria and grime. Using a steam cleaner that eliminates the germs as well as dirt is the solution. Some dealers offer anti bacterial steam cleaning machines for complete sanitization. Even a suitably designed machine with temperatures up to 356°F, but no specific anti bacterial mechanism, provides the perfect way to keep these surfaces clean.

Getting the right steam cleaning machine is the first step towards ensuring greater cleanliness inside cars. You may wish to speak to the product specialist at the store before purchasing a machine, if you are not convinced that you need a particular type of portable auto steam cleaner.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to Clean Linoleum Floors Safely and Easily?

Linoleum floor cleaning can be particularly challenging. While linoleum is famous for its flexible properties as well as its environment friendly nature, due to its non-allergy causing features, it does present difficulties in the way of cleaning. Linoleum floors are damaged by the use of harsh chemicals. Any excess water on the floor needs to be mopped up quickly before it is absorbed by the floor and damages the finish.

Traditionally, mopping the floor has been seen as the best method for linoleum floor cleaning. This method is too time-consuming. Homeowners and contractors looking for easier ways to maintain the shiny look for these floors have found the solution in vapor steam cleaners.

No detergent use

One of the advantages of using a vapor steam cleaner is that you rarely need detergents for cleaning. The hot steam is sufficient for removal of grease, soap scum, and other dirt from the floor. Steam temperatures are as high as 356°F, which explains why these machines are perfect for commercial cleaning applications.

Minimal water use

Since excess water left behind after cleaning is potentially harmful to the finish, the steam cleaner is the right equipment for cleaning linoleum floors. These machines use dry vapor with just 5 percent moisture. This eliminates the chance of excess water seeping into the floor grooves. Most machines are sold in combination with microfiber towels, which can be used for mopping up any residual moisture.

Low cleaning time

Unlike hand mopping, steam cleaning is a faster way to clean floors. While commercial areas demand the use of these efficient machines for cleaning linoleum floors, home users are also likely to benefit from the use of these machines. Besides eliminating the tedium of maintaining these floors, steam cleaners offer other benefits, such as elimination of mold and removal of odors.

Read Steam cleaners fitted with floor cleaning squeegees and other attachments reduce the time and effort required to clean floors.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Why Steam Cleaners Can Be Powerful Gum Removers Too?

Gum Removers

An advanced gum removal equipment should always be purchased from top retailers in the market. If you are looking for an efficient gum remover, which makes chewing gum removal easy and less laborious, then you must take a closer look at some of the advanced chewing gum removal machines available on the market.

The KleenJet® Supreme 3000CVP – ATIS from Daimer is a powerful steam cleaner that doubles up as a gum removal machine. This advanced floor steam cleaner can be used on any hard surface. Gum removal becomes effortless and quick with a technology-driven gum removal equipment.

The Supreme 3000CVP is a steam cleaner with excellent features that makes it the best gum removal machine around. This floor steam cleaner from Daimer® offers exceedingly high temperature of up to 364°F and pressure levels of up to 115 psi. The combination of high steam temperature and high pressure makes it one of the best chewing gum removal machines for quick removal and disposal of gum wads.

Daimer®'s floor steam cleaners find excellent application in industrial cleaning, due to their proprietary advanced technology. The 3000CVP also offers anti-microbial action that makes the otherwise arduous and time-consuming task of chewing gum removal fast. You do not have to manually clean the residual dirt. The high extraction and powerful cleaning ability of these gum removal machines tackles the cleaning task comprehensively.

Daimer® floor steam cleaners are ideal for commercial cleaning, due to the many advanced features that the mean machine brings along. Apart from the patent-pending ATIS® technology, the machine also has continuous refill capability and can cover a larger area with the help of innovative accessories.

Steam Vacuum Cleaning Equipment for Quicker, Comprehensive Cleaning

A steam vacuum cleaner can change the way cleaning jobs are carried out in your industrial or commercial facility. Steam vacuum cleaners can dissolve and remove a variety of residues and build-ups from hard surfaces. Steam cleaners make use of the high steam temperature output to clean any type of deposits with consummate ease.

The KleenJet® Mega 5000CVGP from Daimer® is one of the best commercial steam cleaners on the market. The advanced cleaning machines feature the patent-pending ATIS® anti-bacterial technology which has been proved to successfully eliminate up to 99.9 percent of microorganisms from the cleaned surface. If you are looking for the best steam cleaning equipment for your industrial and commercial cleaning needs, look no further than the KleenJet® Mega 5000CVGP.

Features designed to take care of all your cleaning needs effectively

The advanced steam vacuum cleaner also features the HEPA filtration system that helps remove minute, harmful dust particles known to worsen the health of individuals suffering from asthma and allergy. Unlike a traditional steam cleaner, the KleenJet® Mega 5000CVGP features a continuous refill technology. The powerful vapor steam cleaners feature temperature levels that can reach up to 180°C and pressure levels of up to 7.2 bar. The stainless steel boiler construction ensures top class performance and high durability.

Cleaning and maintenance professionals looking for industrial steam cleaners find KleenJet® Mega 5000CVGP perfect for all their cleaning needs, given its unsurpassed cleaning powers. These vapor steam cleaners can be used along with green chemicals to enhance their cleaning powers by several notches. The highest quality components ensure top drawer performance every time you use these machines.

Friday, September 27, 2013

What Makes Rugged Gum Removal Machines the Best?

Rugged Gum Removal Machine
Steamers that have been used to tackle innumerable cleaning applications are now evolving into different types of specialized systems, including rugged gum removal machines. The improved gum cleaning action is a boon for cleaning professionals facing the task of eliminating hundreds of gum wads from parking lots, schools, restaurants, malls, and walkways.

There are many reasons why steam cleaning machines accomplish better results than traditional methods of scrubbing and wiping. Hot steam ejected by these rugged gum removal machines helps easily dissolve gum deposits, thereby simplifying the extraction process. There is also the gum dissolving action of the gum cleaning solution available with the steamer systems.

The KleenJet® GUM-EXTERMINATOR® Mega 1000CVG available from Daimer® is among the most rugged gum removal machines out there. It features a high-grade housing made of stainless steel. Moreover, the heating components made of stainless steel ensure impeccable performance for years and minimum maintenance issues. The ejection of steam at temperatures as high as 356°F and pressure levels of 105 PSI help dissolve and eliminate gum deposits from different surfaces.

The boiler in the KleenJet® 1000CVG is unlike any other rugged gum removal machines available these days, due to its self cleaning capability. The vibrating components within the boiler prevent the accumulation of scale deposits that can adversely affect the proper functioning of the boiler. Self-cleaning boilers guarantee maximum temperatures that in turn ensure optimal cleaning results.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Gum Removing Made Easy and Quick with Latest Technology from Top Suppliers

Gum removing is considered as one of the most challenging tasks by any cleaning professional. Using conventional methods and ordinary cleaning equipment is passé because there are advanced and fast gum removing technologies now available. Removing gum wads from floors or even sidewalk gum removal is now easy with the latest and most powerful gum removing machines.

Daimer®, the leading retailer of modern cleaning equipment, has some of the best and fast gum removing machines. These machines include features like specialized chewing gum removal tool and cleaning solution to make cleaning and extraction easy and effortless. Daimer®'s sidewalk gum removal machines allow fast and complete gum removal by breaking down the sticky, messy residues using high temperature vapor steam. The simultaneous extraction capability of these machines can reduce manual efforts dramatically.

Gum removing can be a breeze with Daimer®’s powerful and specialized cleaning machines like the SuperMax™ line of wet steam chewing gum removal machines. Daimer® offers powerful wet steam pressure washers to tackle a wide range of outdoor cleaning and chewing gum removal applications.

The Super Max™ wet steam gum remover machines work by emitting highly pressurized wet steam without soaking the concrete and other surfaces. The effort is entirely focused on the area where the chewing gum wads are stuck. Wet steam flow of the Super Max™ machines contains approximately 64 percent water and 35 percent ultra-steamy vapor to produce outstanding and fast gum removing results.

Sidewalk gum removal can now be done without using manual efforts. The SuperMax™ wet steam gum removal pressure cleaners can be bought in the configuration you need to meet the specific gum removal needs of your commercial or industrial facilities. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why a Vapor Steam Cleaner Should Have High Temperatures?

If you are planning to use a low-end steam cleaner to clean the restaurants, hotels, gyms, retail stores, and similar settings, then you are investing in the wrong type of equipment. The vapor steam cleaner used for domestic purposes is not suitable for use as a commercial cleaning machine. The main reason being that domestic-use machines do not have the high temperature levels required for commercial applications.

Hot steam is the main reason why steam cleaning machines are so effective in removing different types of dirt. Heat is a natural degreaser, as it liquefies grease and makes it easier to remove. In addition to removing grease, hot steam is also very effective in removing sugars and food matter often found in ovens, stoves, and kitchen surfaces. Another important use of a vapor steam cleaner is the removal of bedbugs. In hotels where bedbugs can be a severe nuisance, using a vapor steam cleaner on a regular basis to clean mattresses will eliminate the problem. The high temperatures of a steam cleaner machine also eliminate fungi, keeping the surfaces mold and odor free.

Considering the importance of high temperature, it is necessary that you invest in a commercial vapor steam cleaner. This type of machine features high temperatures of up to 364°F. They also have pressure levels as high as 125 psi. Some of these machines are equipped with additional features, such as mechanisms to eliminate bacteria and allergens. A vapor steam cleaner should, therefore, be capable of attaining high temperatures, if it is to remove fungus and eliminate dirt quickly. One of the advantages of using hot steam is that often you may not require any detergent to clean surfaces, such as metal, stone, tile, and so on. Heated steam is adequate enough to remove grease and other types of congealed dirt from these surfaces.